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Aida Sheikholeslami


Nationality: Canadian

Coming from a design and multimedia background, I explore the anthropological questions of the world by organizing and expressing them though text, pictures and film. I was born and raised in Iran, studied in Canada and the U.S. and currently live in Berlin.

My interests lie in exploring the conscience of man with respect to other men and the world as a whole. I believe that a driving force for man to pollute the earth or exert war on other men sprouts from a territorial mindset which only considers the space within certain artificial boundaries as home. It is the artificiality of these boundaries that I hope to expose through art, photography and film, and through this exposure I hope to weaken the tribal territorial mindset in favor of a new global one.

I believe that media plays a very important role in helping shape our minds and bringing about this global awareness that can break the imaginary boundaries not only in space but also in time. It can help us understand that the essentials of our existence are the same no matter which part of the world we live in.