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Christina Voigt


Christina studied Media Design at the University of Applied Sciences in Augsburg/Germany and has worked as a freelance film maker, video editor, photographer and graphic designer since 2003. Her main focus is on producing her own documentaries in the field of music (mainly Jazz and Soul) and topics that are related with poverty/minorities/violence. She has worked in Nepal since 2004 and produced 3 documentaries there, focusing on the Maoist insurgency that ravaged the country from 1996-2006.

She is one of the main founders of the first cooperative art cinema in Germany (in Aalen) and has collaborated with many other art and social associations such as »Einar-Schleef-Working Committee« in Sangerhausen/Germany or theatre projects with handicapped actors/actresses. Since 2003 she is active for »Govinda - children projects in Nepal« as a volunteer in fundraising, graphic design and concepting.

Since several years she works with danish photographer Jacob Holdt, with whom she toured through the Southern States of the US to document the lives of the people that have been involved in Holdts »American Pictures«, and collaborates also with many great musicians (Soulounge, Lamont Dozier and more ) and theatre artists.

Christina is currently living in Berlin.