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Rick Flynn


Nationality: USA

Rick is a director, producer, editor, and consultant based in both New York City and Berlin. 

His feature documentary, Golf Alpha Yankee, currently in postproduction, follows the journey of gay refugees from the Middle East as they find temporary safety in small towns in Turkey while seeking permanent asylum in the West.

Rick’s documentary short, How Come?, premiered at PFFB in Berlin and will be screened at festivals in New York, Tel Aviv, Rome, Paris, and Lausanne in 2018.

He was also the editor for the 2017 documentary Allegiance: Beyond Broadway, which has screened in cinemas across America. It chronicles the journey of the creators of the Broadway musical Allegiance, based on the real life story of George Takei. After the show closes, they pursue their goal to educate Americans about the often-untaught history of the internment of Japanese Americans during WWII.

While finishing Golf Alpha Yankee, Rick has begun research on his next project that explores the intersection between judgment, empathy, and secrecy, as experienced through the power structure of institutions.

Rick is also a professional musician and mountaineer. 

Website: www.rick.earth