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Raffaele Gallo

Born in Nocera Inferiore in 1980.
Nationality: Italian.

Raffaele Gallo started to work as documentary photographer after he graduated in Anthropology at the University of Perugia in 2006. In 2007 won a merit scholarship to attend the Master’s Program in Photography and Visual Design at NABA School of Fine Arts and FORMA International Centre for Photography in Milan. In 2008 he worked as assistant for photographer Paolo Woods and later on with Aniello Barone. In 2009 he collaborated with the Human and Territory Department of the University of Perugia on an ethnographic field research in Salento, Southern Italy. He has made reportages with different NGO: in 2006 he worked in Kosovo; in 2007 in Lima, Peru; in 2010 in Democratic Republic of the Congo and in Rwanda. He has been founder and member of Kairos Factory, Italian collective of documentary photographers. He worked as market manager and photo editor for photographic agencies and as teacher in Semiotics of Photography. His pictures have been published as features on news magazines. His works have been exposed at FORMA in Milan, at Palazzo delle Esposizioni in Rome, at GAMEC - Modern Art Gallery in Bergamo, at Spazio Terra in Perugia and at Goethe-Institut Rom.