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Alejandro Jaramillo Hurtado



It goes without saying that one has to push the limits when experimenting, so far as to reestablishing them farther and farther away from any actual constraint. As far as I know, that is my basic drive and it permeates most of the aspects of my life. Six years ago I started studying Social Anthropology in Los Andes University, Bogotá (Colombia), and saw that it was not quite enough for my restlessness to stay in the closed immediacies of one academic discipline. I complemented my studies by taking a dive into philosophy, contemporary music and photography (all of which I have a degree in) in search of the means to pose the questions that could better guide my curiosity. My first sustained and long-term investigation delved into a peculiar historical stratum of Colombian pedagogy: a mix of hygiene, theoretical eugenics and modernity came into play in the discourses and practices of politicians and educators in the early twentieth century, shaping most of the ideologies about race, class, progress and the construction of the Nation-State that are still publicly held today. It was a in-depth research in the nation’s archives, and another paper based on its results is underway. I would then work in the Department of Anthropology at the same institution classifying and preserving a collection of ceremonial and festive masks from around the globe. Broad travel experience (South Asia, Europe, North, Central and South America) was a helpful precedent in the development of that task.

My current interests lie in the formation of the modern subject, the body and media, as well as contemporary art and the creation of alternative communication strategies. The layout of this course could be made out to be on the same tracks, I believe. Lastly, as you may have already guessed, I tend to designate by experimentation all active efforts to preserve thought as a vital moving force of questioning and creation. For it always turns out to lead an intensive kind of life. 

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