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Farhana v. Mitzlaff

Nationality: Bangladeshi

I studied Mass Communication and Journalism in Bangladesh. Being interested in photography and social issues, I worked for a news agency and reported on sensitive issues including those of tribal communities. Later I had the opportunity to work on issues to improve the situation of industrial workers in the clothing sector. Few years back I moved to Germany adding my experience with a television project and working with an Internet Radio. Socio-cultural differences, I regard as opportunities although realizing that often this is the beginning of non-understanding and hostility. Talking about ethnic minorities can easily happens in a context of vulnerability and being bias whereby it may be worth to examine the impact of non-representative media. Indigenous knowledge is often not visualized and is not acknowledged with its alternative concepts of human coexisting with global sustainability. Those and other questions brought me to this study at the FU Berlin and I look forward to experiment in the fieldwork.