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Stephane Morey

Nationality : USA-Switzerland

I was born in a very religious evangelical family and I
lived in Sierra Leone the first 6 years of my life where my
parents were missionaries. I grew up in Lausanne,
Switzerland, and ended up following my elder sister in
studying Social Sciences at the Université de Lausanne. In
parallel to my studies I have worked in the local film
"industry" doing anything from lighting technician to 35mm
projectionnist in an alternative cinema. With my religious
background I was naturally interested in studying that part
of my personal history more closely. So I concentrated a
large part of my studies to a fieldwork in a radical
evangelical church in Lausanne (ICF). The issues linked with
religion and politics are one of my core interests. However
I have also developped an interest in all things concerning
gender, sexuality and pornography, and I hold a mixed-media
blog on these topics. I'm interested in the use of
anthropological knowledge in esthetic and political
endeavours such as anarchism and feminism.