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Alexia Siobhán Skok

Alexia Skok was born in Melbourne and has studied photography, media and international development at several institutions in Australia, The Netherlands and Canada. Alexia's main focus is on documentary photography, and communication for development (C4D). Alexia is the Communication and Photomedia Advisor at Seeds of Life, a food security program within the Timor-Leste Ministory of Agriculture and Fisheries (MAF).

On her experience at the Institute for Visual and Media Anthropology:

"The M.A.Visual and Media Anthropology gives students the support to pursue areas of ethnography and media they are most interested in. During my time at the institute, I discovered my passion for Communication for Development leading me to my current position in Timor-Leste. During my M.A. I undertook an internship with the United Nations Development Program (UNDP) Kosovo, completed a Master's thesis on forced repatriation and watched enough ethnographic film to set me up for life!"