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Vlad Petri


Homepage: www.vladpetri.ro

Nationality: Romanian

Vlad Petri is a filmmaker and photographer, born in 1979 in Bistrita, Romania. After graduating from the University of Cinema and Theatre with a BA in Cinematography and Television, he started working as a freelance photographer and cinematographer, on various projects filmed on locations such as Afghanistan, Syria, Jordan, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, Armenia, Albania, Moldova. He taught photography for 4 years, part of an interactive workshop addressed to a general public.

Most of his recent projects revolve around documentary film-making with a special interest on social issues, politics and activism. He directed one feature documentary (New Year’s Eve [2008]) and is currently working on a feature about the Romanian protests of 2012 which he documented on a regular basis. His future projects are aimed at a better understanding of the social discrepancies in his home country and abroad, with a special focus on the Middle East and the Arab World.