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Laura Jordan

Laura Jordan
Image Credit: privat

Nationality: Colombian

My name is Laura Jordan. I was born in Bogota in 1981 and am currently based in Berlin. I did 4 semesters of Engineering at the Los Andes University in Bogota and then studied film (Directing and Editing) in Madrid. I have worked many years in production for Advertising in Barcelona and ended up as post production coordinator. After that I have been dedicated to learning German, my two kids and a documentary film on traditional Venezuelan music inspired by 40 years of video and audio recordings done by my father in law. My aim is to work on interdisciplinary and multimedia projects based in real life. My last job was for a Swedish production company producing documentary films in Argentina, Mexico and Spain, sitting in my home office in Berlin. I am amazed by the advantages/ disadvantages of virtual present but am rather inclined to reality and projects taking place here and know.

 E-mail: jordanmontejo@hotmail.com