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Miona Paskulov

Image Credit: privat

Nationality: Serbia

Miona is born in Novi Sad, Serbia. After graduation at the Faculty of Entrepreneurial Management, she finished a post-graduate specialist study in Human Resource Management at the Faculty for Technical Science.

Professional experience was built up mainly working with media while working for the Vojvodina Investment Promotion Fund– VIP Fund, as a member of Liberal Democratic Party, as Coordinator for small and medium Medias in Serbia and Region at the music festival- EXIT, and as a Production assistant in Tusta & Tma Video Production. She also has experience in moderating the radio shows on Radio 021, as well as writing the politically inspired texts for national internet site www.e-novine.com

Currently, she is based in Berlin and working at Da Vinci Media GmbH, an independent media group dedicated to providing high-quality on-air and on-demand educational programming to curious minds around the world, as Senior Manager of Video Operations and Localization.