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Molly Willows

Molly Willows
Image Credit: private

Nationality: Canadian

Molly Willows is a young Canadian filmmaker and multi-disciplinary media arts professional. She has worked in Canada, Brazil, Ireland, Thailand, and Peru, and recently released 'Before the Wave,' a short documentary film created with Moken sea nomads on the Andaman Sea. Additionally, Molly works as a producer at an international production company with studios in São Paulo and Toronto and she is also the co-founder of a symposium for women in digital and media storytelling called Ladies Lugging Gear.


Molly earned a combined honours BA in Contemporary Philosophy and International Development Studies at the University of King’s College in 2010 and has studied film production and post-production at LIFT and OCADU in Toronto. Most recently, Molly received an MA from the Freie Universität Berlin’s Visual and Media Anthropology program, year 2015, for which 'Before the Wave' was part of her Thesis.


Molly is most curious about the intersection of ethnographic and lyrical documentary filmmaking and the idea of a co-constructed pseudo-truth, also known as 'reality fiction'.