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Sungeun Kim

Sungeun Kim
Image Credit: private

Nationality: Korean

Sungeun Kim, born in 1984 in Suwon, S.Korea, is a filmmaker and video artist based in Berlin, Germany. After finishing her bachelor’s degree in fine arts at New York University in 2008 she moved to Berlin and studied further in media art at University of Arts in Berlin. There she explored various forms of media from experimental film to live audio-visual performances in collaboration with theater directors, musicians, performers and costume designers. 

Since March 2013 she has been working on a project in Gangjeong village located on the southern coast of Jeju Island in S.Korea, where there’s been ongoing protest against the construction of a naval base for 7 years. Focusing on themes such as media&cultural activism and human right issues she is currently conducting her research there as well as filming and publishing videos on her youtube channel and blog.