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Aldonza Contreras


Nationality: Mexican

Aldonza studied a degree of Audiovisual Arts at the Universidad de Guadalajara (University of Guadalajara, 2007 – 2011 class) because she wanted to learn, understand and master the audiovisual language since she believes it is an effective and beautiful way of communicating ideas or deep thoughts and reaching the senses before the intellect. 

She has worked in the audiovisual industry since before finishing her career and she has dedicated herself mostly to the sound department, in its production stage as in post production stage as well. Aldonza has had the opportunity to participate in different types of audiovisual projects (feature fiction films, documentaries, animation films, short films, tv shows, and so forth) with various producers and directors from Mexico, United States, Guatemala and Europe that have allowed her to learn, observe and think in order to develop a more critical view of this Art and of her surroundings.

Aldonza also had the opportunity to work with the Zapatista Movement EZLN (the Zapatista National Liberation Group) through the known “Escuelita Zapatista” participating in the workshop to learn their communitarian organizational form. The mentioned workshop allowed her to get to know alternative dynamics and strategies for the development of different ways of social and political relations, in comparison to the actual forms that are dominating.

She is now enrolled into the MA Visual and Media Anthropology to acquire the tools a social investigator requires that will allow her to develop the subjects that concern her and to use the audiovisual language that she knows to capture them, transmitting the ideas, thoughts, feelings and emotions, combining Science with Art in order to contribute to the positive social development, working now on her own projects.