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Celine Burnand


Nationality: Swiss

Celine Burnand is a Swiss artist living in Berlin. She is one of the founding members of the Collectif RATS in Vevey, Switzerland ((http://ratscollectif.ch/).

After graduating in Fine Arts from the Geneva University of the Arts (HEAD), she studied english literature, art history and history of cinema in Lausanne. Her work comprises charcoal drawings and video that focus on re-enacting or repeating existing gestures. Her artistic practice investigates analogies between different times, places and personas, seeking out group attitudes or patterns that reveal parallel psychological or emotional states across diverse cultural settings. Departing from her own experience and family heritage, shaped by her ancestor Eugène Burnand and the liberal Protestant culture of her upbringing, she turns to the other sociocultural groups in search of their living visual legacy. Lately, she has been addressing more and more social and community-based topics in her work. She is especially intrigued by the relationship between emotion and culture and the way it shapes mythologies and rituals.