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Dario Bosio


Nationality: Italian

Dario Bosio is an independent photography professional. He was born in Genova, Italy in 1988. After obtaining a BA in Journalism at Florence University, he graduated in both TV-Documentary and Photojournalism at the Danish School of Media and Journalism. In 2012, together with an international community of authors, he founded the PanAut Collective, a platform for dialogue, exploration and production around the visual narrative. In 2013 he interned at NOOR Images office in Amsterdam and joined the newly born iPad magazine ABOUT Photography as part of the editorial staff. He later moved to Rome where he worked as a project coordinator, co-curator and production assistant at 10b Photography. Currently, he freelances as a project manager and curator for photography educational projects and exhibitions. His work as a photographer focuses on social issues around the globe and voluntarily questions the medium and the ways in which we participate in our lives through images. His projects have been published and exhibited internationally. Since March 2015 he works at Metrography Agency, Sulaymaniyah, Iraq as a photo editor and project manager.