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Lum Citaku


Nationality: Kosovo Albanian

Lum currently works with film, new media, and video game design as a Creative Director, Editor and Producer in Prishtina, Kosovo. He is a founder and co-founder of two emerging new media and social design enterprises.

He received a Bachelor of Science in Applied Arts and Sciences from Rochester Institute of Technology (A.U.K. Campus in Prishtina). He is interested in many things in life. His main interest in life is life itself as he currently understands it and knows the other human persons with whom we inhabit the earth to know it, and some major and minor designated and undesignated inadequacies here and there.

Lum also claims to be interested in ceremonial spaces as well as the not very ceremonial spaces. 

After the first in-house classes at Visual and Media Anthropology Program in Freie University in Berlin he has become particularly interested in what is being recalled Multivocality. He gathers conceptual tools and systems such as the latter one to seemingly think the undertaking of structural transformations in order, attention span, and ways of life.