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Looking for Mr. Right Now, 14:40 min

Anne Chahine

The short documentary "Looking for Mr. Right Now", by Visual Anthropologist and filmmaker Anne Chahine (Germany) portrays the current phenomenon of virtual dating in form of mobile dating-apps such as Tinder. Communication through digital platforms have become an everyday activity, yet what impact does it have on the search for a partner? Chahine’s film examines whether the inclusion of these apps are ‘extending your hunting ground’ as one participant vividly describes, or whether they can be compared to ‘choosing your man from a catalogue’ as another shares. Further, her film offers an insight into the effect of this process on personal perception, and personal history and narrative in reference to the markedly different partner searching resources available to elders or parents of earlier eras.

Her film offers a diverse dialog with Berlin based men and women of different ages and social backgrounds, paired with filmic representations of uniquely vacant impressions of otherwise bustling places in the German capital.