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Vol. 3 No. 1, 2017 Inhabiting Digital Environments: Social Influencers, Virtual World Gamers and Digital Immigrants.

Urte Undine Frömming, Steffen Köhn, Mike Terry (eds.)


Introduction: Social Influencers, Virtual Reality, and Digital Immigrants

 Urte Undine Frömming, Steffen Köhn, Mike Terry

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Scientists and Twitter: How does this group of fact-finding professionals use Twitter?  

Ben Boteler

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YOUTUBING THE WAY UP: The Struggle for Economic Independence of Italian YouTubers in the Beauty Industry

Arianna Marin

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King On, Brasil, 14:55 min.

Luiza Geraldi Folegatti

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Positive YouTubers, 15:00 min.

Leandro Goddinho Nery Gomes

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Linked: The Influence of Virtual Communities on Physical Spaces, 14:56 min.

Emily Leshner

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Do you feel me? Tales from the front of the ‘latergramers’, 10:15 min.

María Bethania Medina Padrón

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Asylum Imaginary: Smartphones as Tools for Imagination and Memory at a Network for Migrant Women in Athens, Greece

Brtittany Nugent

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Engineering the Future: Exploring self-reflexive thoughts in the virtual reality developer community and their considerations of privacy issues that will shape its future

Michelle Melody Koebler

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