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Artistic Web Project

News from Dec 10, 2012



diwans.org is a participatory web project proposing an intercultural dialogue through artistic responses. People around the world are invited to produce audio-visual creations inspired by the Diwan poetry of Persian poet Hafez and German writer Goethe and send their own creative interpretations. 
diwans.org is an artwork authored by everyone.
You can become part of diwans.org, an interactive audio-visual poetry bundle, by sending your own artistic response. Based on the Surrealist principle of artistic response, this site is thus an ever-growing project that will expand creation after creation.
As soon as your creation is uploaded, your interpretation will be part of this audio-visual intercultural dialogue; your name and website will be featured together with already participating internationally reknowned artists.
Becoming part of diwans.org is easy:   You can let yourself be inspired by one of the poems of Hafez and Goethe and take it as point of departure for a new creation or you can download an already existing creation from the site and let it inspire you in making your own creation as an artistic response.
You can then submit your creation through the 'PARTICIPATE' button, found in the 'EXPLORE' and 'DIALOGUE' pages on the diwans.org website.
  We are looking forward to your creation, and meanwhile invite you to explore and discover the diwans.org universe, which reflects in a poetic mode a creative dialogue between different cultures.

For questions: Please don't hesitate to contact us on: contact@diwans.org

Diwans.org is a participatory web project proposing an intercultural dialogue through artistic responses. Diwans.org is generated by people around the world who are invited to produce audio-visual creations inspired by the Diwan poetry of Persian poet Hafez and German writer Goethe and upload their own creative interpretations. Diwans.org is a contemporary interactive Diwan poetry bundle, in which you can contribute with an audio-visual response, discover which creations your work inspires, deepen yourself in the related contexts or simply enjoy the audio-visual poetry.

At its core, diwans.org is an artwork authored by everyone. It will grow and change as we grow and change, reflecting how we perceive the relation between different cultures in a poetic mode. We hope it will create an alternative space on internet, where the poetical and political can dialogue and (new) ways of story telling and artistic production are experimented. We hope it helps people see the inspirations of a growing intercultural community. 

This web project allows anyone to participate in an artistic process.

The creative process is in three phases: 

1/The German writer Goethe discovered Islam, Sufism and another worldview through the  ‘Diwan’ poetry of the Persian poet Hafez. He was so fascinated by this revelation that he decided to write a poetry bundle, the East-West Diwan, as an ode to this other world.


2/We decided to continue this artistic process, by asking twenty contemporary audio and visual artists to create a creative work inspired by the Diwan poems of Hafez and Goethe. Therefore, we gave a selected poem to an artist who then made a sound creation inspired by it. And then we gave this sound creation (and the poem) to a visual artist to add his own creative interpretation. As such we curated a series of original audio-visual poetry based on the Diwans poetry.


3/ We invite you to continue the chain of artistic responses by proposing a creative audio-visual interpretation. You can contribute either to one of the poems directly or to an already existing audio-visual creation, and as such create another sound or video for this interpretation. 

  A project initiated by Marc Colpaert and Laurent Van Lancker Artistic Co-direction : Susanne Weck // Production : Polymorfilms (Mieke De Wulf) // Web programming and design : La Villa Hermosa // Assistance : Stijn Van Asch en Wim De Winter diwans.org is funded by the Vlaams Audiovisueel Fonds (VAF) / Fédération Wallonie Bruxelles (FWB) / Flemish Literature Fund (VFL) / Katharina Mommsen // supporting partners : Literaturwerkstatt Berlin, BOZAR Music, BOZAR Cinema.
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