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INST World Conference: Cities, Cultures and Knowledge Societies

News from Nov 23, 2010

Join us in the discussions of the leading questions mentioned below which takes place in the framework of the 8th INST World Conference CCKS, Cities, Cultures and Knowledge Society.

Time: November 26, 2010 from 8am to 6pm

Panel discussion with universitities with the participation of Prof. Undine Frömming Friday 9 am

Location: Second Life / Vienna (with live streams in Adobe connect pro)

Organized By: Heike Philp aka Gwen Gwasi


Conference Section Leader Gwen Gwasi & UWA's Jayjay Zifanwe

This conference is the 8th such world project since the first INST World Forum in the UNESCO-Center in Paris in 1999. The special feature of the CCKS-Conference is not only the expected number of participants (about 1 million from about 180 countries), but above all the virtuality in a new quality, in the questions, the new forms of cooperation, the formation of synergies and a polylogue with a scientific orientation of actions.

Special guest of this UNESCO sponsored event will be President Barack Obama.

Conference section leader, Gwen Gwasi commented, "There will be 1,500 - 2,000 people viewing on a screen at the conference location in Vienna, with an estimated audience of 1 million worldwide. Some 7000 scientists are closely linked to the INST, and the proceedings of this conference will be written up in the INST Magazine."

Panel discussion is on Universities in Second Life, and panelists are:
Monash University, Melbourne Australia, Scott Grant [Xilin Yifu]
University of Western Australia, Jay Jay Jegathesan [JayJay Zifanwe]
Freie Universität Berlin, Dr. Undine Frömming [Augenblick Winkler], Germany
1 VirtualVision [Micheal Armundsen], Australia
Moderation: David Richardson, Linnaeus University, Sweden

Event Description:

Over a period of 3 days, INST hosts this UNESCO sponsored conference with some 1500 participants in Vienna and some 1 Mill people worldwide listening to some 100 sections. Approx. 7000 scientists, thought leaders and specialists are associated with this conference and the outcome of the discussions will be documented and this journal is said to have a readership of academics and a circulation of some 100 000 issues.


Section title: Cities, Cultures and Languages in Virtual Worlds


We invite panelists, scientists and knowledge workers.



Virtual worlds, such as Second Life, Virtual Life, Open Sim, Twinity and similar are user-generated environments. Cities like London, Paris, Berlin and New York are being rebuilt and offer a virtual environment where commerce, arts and fashion and night life are thriving. They also attract avatars in large numbers, the 3D representation of a human using a PC.

As avatar you enjoy a world, that does not seem to know any limitations and where even gravity no longer exists. People, sometimes in human, sometimes in animal form are helpful and open and relationships and friendships are not inhibited by reputation, not influenced by gender nor age.

In these virtual urban environments, a second life starts all over again.


* Will we be working and living ‘in-world’?

* How sustainable is this urban second life?

* In a world without borders, without time and space, where are the opportunities and where is danger?

* What kind of role do virtual worlds play for the preservation of culture?

* How do we overcome the last of all barriers, the language barrier?




Friday, 26 November 2010


Paneldiscussions with Universities in Second Life

8am GMT/ 9am Vienna time/ 3am SL time

World Timehttp://tinyurl.com/26Nov-8amGMT

Monash University, Melbourne Australia

University of Western Australia

1 VirtualVision, Australia

Freie Universität Berlin, Institute of Social and Cultural Anthropology

(Prof. Dr. U. Frömming)

Moderation: David Richardson, Linnaeus University, Sweden


Virtual Athens in Second Life

10am GMT / 11am CET/ 2am SL time

World Time: http://tinyurl.com/26Nov-10amGMT

Virtual Athens and Hellas in Second Life

Representatives: Christina Oikonomou [Xris Oller], Eleftherios Artopoulos [Aristotelis Republic], [billy42 Streeter], [Mariposa Melodie]

Location: Virtual Athens

Moderation: Jose Louwes [Jose Eternal]


Paneldiscussion of cities in Second Life

12pm GMT / 1pm CET/ 4am SL

World Time:http://tinyurl.com/26Nov-12pmGMT

Representatives of virtual 1900 Paris, virtual Athens, Berlin of 1920s,

Location: EduNation I, Greek temple, next to the exhibition of Jura Soyfer

Moderation: David Richardson [Davric Rinkitink] Linnaeus University, Sweden


Virtual Berlin of the 1920s in Second Life

2pm GMT/ 3pm CET / 6am SL time

World Time: http://tinyurl.com/26Nov-2pmGMT

Representatives: [Jo Yardley]

Location: Virtual Berlin



Virtual Harlem

5pm GMT / 7pm CET / 8am SL Time

World Time: http://tinyurl.com/26Nov-4pmGMT

Presentation/ Moderation: Bryan Carter [Bryan Mnemonic]