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New Book: Virtual Environments and Cultures

News from Jan 19, 2012

Forthcoming spring 2012






Urte Undine Frömming: "Entangled Realties in Virtuality"


CHAPTER I Gender, Belonging and Motherhood in Virtual Cultures


  • Alina Trebbin: "Waiting for Zowie. Notes from the Digital Uterus"
  • Sarah Kiani: "Crossing Boundaries or Reinforcing Norms? Gender Performances in Second Life"
  • Elena Quintarelli: "The Amazon of Aquarius: an ethnographic journey through gender issues in Second Life"
  •  Emma Corbett-Ashby: "Queer and Trans experience in Second Life - an experimental dialogue"


CHAPTER II Appropriation, Construction and Imagination of Landscape, Space and Place in Virtual Worlds

  • Christina Voigt: "Form Wilderness to Virtuality. Virtual Nature and Landscape in Second Life"
  • Emily Smith: "(Dis)Orientation: Mapping in Second Life"


CHAPTER III Religiosity in Virtual Worlds

  • Ranty R. Islam: "Cyberspace and the Sacred"
  • Thomas John: "Religiosity in a Virtual World. Reasons and Motivations"
  • Manizhe Zera Ali: "Muslims and the Virtual"


CHAPTER IV: Conflicts and Activism in Virtual Worlds

  • Tobias R. Becker: "Virtual Representations of the Middle East Conflict"
  • Sara Ferrari and Tiina Kivelä: "Becoming an Activist in Virtual Worlds - Experiences of Social Activism in Second Life"


CHAPTER IV Art Production and Artists in Second Life

  • Samantha Fox: "Listen to the Radio: AM Radio, Second Life, and Innovations in an Emerging Medium"
  • Lidia Rossner: "Art Production and its Conceptual Systems in Second Life
  • Fidel Devkota: "The story of a Digital Samurai"


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