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News from Nov 09, 2009

Please join us for the 4th screening session of:

The Ethnographic Film Series

M.A. Visual and Media Anthropology (Freie Universität Berlin)


Date: Friday, November 20th

Location: Moviemento Cinema (Kottbusser Damm 22 – Berlin, Kreuzberg)

Time: 18:00

Program:  Visual Anthropology Student films


Anything but Black (20:19) -  A film by Ausra Linkeviciute (Goldsmiths 2009)A film on mortuary dresses for women in Lithuania.

Tea and Coffee Society (24:14) - A film by Rose-Marie Kivijarvi (Goldsmiths 2009)A film about tea and coffee in Iran. Looking into traditions, history and myths surrounding tea and coffee drinking. 

Balkan Beats Berlin (44:30)  - A film by Marko Valic and Jan Hering (FU 2005)Documentary film about former war refugees and their lives in Berlin today.

Gaps (30:00) – A compilation-film by the students of the  “Transcultural Montage” workshop (Visual and Media Anthropology / FU 2009)Experimental ethnography on transcultural montage and haptic visuality.



Entrance is free of charge.

For any questions, please email: reynaud@zedat.fu-berlin.de