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Screening programme!

News from Jun 22, 2010


Please join us for our next monthly screening session of:


The Ethnographic Film Series


M.A. Visual and Media Anthropology

Freie Universität Berlin


Date: Thursday, june 24th

Location: Moviemento Cinema (Kottbusser Damm 22 – Berlin, Kreuzberg) Time:



We will show two ethno-fiction films that we discovered at the Göttingen

International Ethno Film Festival last month:


“Pedra peixe rio"

by Iban Ayesta Aldanondo


"Pedra, peixe, rio" is a very personal film about childhood loss and

estrangement, using a mixture of styles: part observational, part

fictionalised reconstruction, and part oneiric fiction. Located in a

slave-descendant community called Itamatatiua, the film follows the life

of Ariana, a child in foster care, her stepmother Eloisa and filmmaker

Iban, during a period of three years.

Written by Ayesta Aldanondo, Iban



"Roma Boys - The Love Story"

by Rozálie Kohoutová, CZ 2009, 30 min.


"The film explores the taboo subject of homosexuality within the Roma

community through the personal story of a Roma activist who happens to be

gay. Though his job has earned him respect among his peers, by coming out

his status is in jeopardy. However, the desire to share his complex story

prompted him to write a screenplay based on his life. Partly a documentary

about his autobiographical script, the film switches between documentary

and narrative storytelling. Owing to its distinctive style, the film

offers a glimpse into the protagonist's world as he faces triple

discrimination: as a Roma, as a gay man, and as a gay man in the Roma




Entry is free.

For further questions please contact: K.petersen@fu-berlin.de