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SLanguages conference

News from Sep 14, 2011

Invitation to The 5th SLanguages Annual Symposium

The conference for Language and Culture Education in Virtual Worlds


Free conference - Everybody is welcome just to watch and listen or for the discussions


SLanguages 2011 - 16-18 September

conference place: Second Life Edunation Island - sky conference centre: slurl login:



Conference times:

Friday       8am SL*  | 3pm GMT  until    2pm SL | 9pm GMT

Saturday   3am SL  | 10am GMT until  4pm SL | 11pm GMT

Sunday     1am SL  | 8am GMT  until    8am SL | 3pm GMT


*SL Second Life Time = PDT Pacific Day Time (San Francisco)



with a Panel: „Virtual Cultures Research“

(Prof. Dr. Undine Frömming, Freie Universität Berlin, M.A. Program Visual and Media Anthropology)


Sa 17th, 2011 17:30 – 20:00 Uhr / 5.30 - 8:00 pm Berlin time |  8.30 am SL | 3.30 pm GMT


17:30 Uhr

Undine Frömming: Introduction: Situated Learning methods in Visual and Media Anthropology



Tobias Becker: Learning from Virtual Architecture


18:00 Manizhe Ali: Muslims and the Virtual



Emma Corbett-Ashby: Queer and Trans Experiences in Second Life: An Experimental Dialogue



Fidel Devkota: Constructing knowledge on virtual to real climate" (based on the production of machinima project (V)ice age).



Thomas John: Religiosity in a Virtual World: Reasons and Motivations



Elena Quintarelli: Conducting Fieldwork in Second Life: the Amazons of Aquarius (presentation and machinima)



Lidia Rossner: Art production in SL. The virtual platform of SL as an art medium that allows for experimentations with forms of creativity, self-representation, and collaboration.


19:30 Uhr

Christian Voigt: What can we learn from virtual nature in SL?


19:45 Uhr Alina Trebbin: Waiting for Zowie - Notes from the Digital Uterus


Further Information about the conference

The featured theme of this year’s 3-day online conference is 'Serious games' and 'Situated Learning'.

It hosts around 50 guest speakers and is attended by approx. 500 participants/ avatars. It takes place in Second Life on EduNation and on AVALON Learning and includes tours to other virtual worlds.

To attend the sessions in Second Life, you need to have an avatar, a 3D representation, which is free. To get an avatar you need to sign up at secondlife.com.

All of the program will be streamed in Adobe ConnectPro, which is a webconferencing software which allows us to screenshare our desktops, almost like a virtual window to a virtual world. You do not need to have an avatar to attend a session in Adobe and you can watch and listen to the keynotes, panel discussions, plenaries, presentations, workshops, tours to educational sims, demo language lessons, theatre plays, dance performances, variety shows and even the party all from the comfort of an Adobe ConnectPro seat (max 100).