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Spaces of Perception

News from Oct 06, 2016

We cordially invite you the the 2016 graduation exhibition SPACES OF PERCEPTION


Opening 21st Oct 2016 | 7pm Exhibition

22nd to 23rd Oct 2016 | 1pm-7pm

Location A Space Under Construction Ritterstrasse 26 19069 Berlin


Michaela Lola Abrera |  Children of Neon

Jonas Blume | We Live Online

Brigitte Borm | Waiting for the Tide to Turn

Anne Chahine | Memory is Not About the Past

Sharmeela Harris | Radical Routes

Melody Howse | Up All Night

Luisa Orduño | Dreams and Memories: Illustrating the Wetlands

Sara Wiederkehr González | Wetland Stories

40 / 100