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Start of Online 3D-Courses

News from Oct 23, 2010

Project Module 1 Professional Perspectives in Visual and Media Anthropology (third semester)

starts on Monday 25th, at 4:15 pm (Central Europe Time, Berlin) or 10:15 am (US Eastern Time, N.Y.) at our virtual 3D-class space on EduNation Island.

Our virtual classroom is moving at the moment, therefore we meet at the Amphietheatre.

This course is not mandatory but highly recommended.


Basic Module 2b Social Anthropology in Virtual Worlds (first semester)

starts on Tuesday 26th at 4:15 (Central Europe Time, Berlin) or 10:15 am (US Eastern Time, N.Y.)

We will have weekly meetings in our virtual classroom on EduNation Island in second life for both courses.

If you do not yet have an Avatar you should create one before here:



The slurl (login) to EduNation Island

(we meet for both courses at the Amphietheatre).


Please be sure to use a headset during our classes!


We are looking forward to meeting you all for the start of the course!


Undine, Samantha, Tobias, Sophia