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Thinking through Appropriation: Guaraní Design Objects

News from Jun 07, 2011

A talk by Arnd Schneider

Date: Thursday, June 23th 2011

Location: Simón-Bolívar-Saal (Potsdamer Str. 37, 10785 Berlin)

Time: 19:00

Appropriation of indigenous art and its symbols is now a common practice in a globalized world. Whilst this has caused much controversy in relation to intellectual property rights and indigenous self-determination, not all cases are clear-cut. In Misiones, Argentina, the design company Misiones Creativa commissions Guaraní artisans without interfering into their design patterns. In his lecture the anthropologist Prof. Dr. Arnd Schneider (University of Oslo) critically evaluates their working processes in relation to new theories on appropriation and material culture. Arnd Schneider is the author of Appropriation as Practice: Art and Identity in Argentina (2006) and co-editor (with Chris Wright) of Between Art and Anthropology (2010).