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Vote for Qualitative Methods MOOC!

News from May 04, 2013

We would like to ask you to consider taking one minute and voting for a massive open online course (MOOC) for QUALITATIVE METHODS which is currently being developed here at the Free University of Berlin.

The Qualitative Methods MOOC is a 12-week online course which will be offered for free to students from all over the world. Following the lead of universities such as Stanford and M.I.T., the idea is to share our knowledge and expertise globally and to attract international students to what the Free University has to offer.

The Qualitative Methods MOOC for which we ask you to vote today provides an introduction to the theory, methodology, and practice of qualitative research. It will address both  theoretical approaches to qualitative research and practical techniques of data collection and analysis. Interactive online tools will allow students to collaborate with their peers from other disciplines and places in the world. The course will be conducted in a virtual classroom, and via social networks and study groups in which students will work together on class projects. The developers of the course are Dr. Julia Eksner and Prof. Dr. Undine Froemming of the Institute of Social and Cultural Anthropology, MA Visual and Media Anthropology, Department of Political and Social Sciences at the Free University of Berlin.

Check out the application video for the MOOC Production Fellowship by iversity and the Association for the Promotion of Science and Humanities in Germany, that requires your vote - it contains lots of video footage and photos from the MA cohort in Visual Anthropology here at the Free University of Berlin:


Please vote for the course and share this information in your networks!



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