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Kristian Petersen's film FUCKING DIFFERENT XXY screening at Berlinale 2014

News from Feb 06, 2014

Fucking Different XXY, a film by MA VMA Artistic Supervisor, Kristian Petersen is screening at the 2014 Berlinale. The film will be presented in the Panorama DOKUMENTE Section within the Official Programme of the Berlin International Film Festival 2014. Please see below for screening dates and times.



Date                                Time                              Cinema

12.02.2014                      20:00                             CineStar 7

13.02.2014                      22:30                             CineStar 7

14.02.2014                      17:30                             Cubix 7


Film synopsis: Fucking Different XXY intends finally to dissolve the binarity of classic gender identities. Seven transgender filmmakers from all over the world have made short films about aspects of sexuality which are alien to them. The mixture is colourful and diverse and includes documentary contributions from pornographic filmmakers Buck Angel and Mor Vital and experimental approaches by J Jackie Baier and Gwen Haworth who both come from a documentary background. The film series attempts to overturn stereotypes about the ‘other’ and what's ‘normal’ – stereotypes which also exist in the queer community. To quote the film's own motto: break stereotypes, create confusion and celebrate diversity!


82 / 100