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Machinima Screening

News from Apr 16, 2012

The screening of final machinima projects of Module 2B Social Anthropoloyg in virtual Worlds (Prof. Undine Frömming) and a little barbeque will take place monday 16th, 6:30 at the garden of the institute (outdoor and indoor screens).



Generation 4 should bring their projects on a data medium.

Program Generation 2 and 3:


  1. Elena Quintarelli (G2) "The Amazons of Aquarius" 7,3 min.
  2. Eva La Cour- "Efa Silvercloud: Another Self" (G2)
  3. Rick Flynn und Cecilia Paschoud "Filling the Gap" (G3)
  4. Jeanne Salomé Rochat  (G2) "Death and bodies in sl"
  5. Fidel Devkota „Vice Age“ (G2)
  6. Benoit Detalle (G2): "Read between the lines"
  7. Amanda Wichman G3): Amanda(ish)s Fielddiary. Dealing with Grief and Death in second Life
  8. Lefteris Fylaktos (G3): "Heterotopias"
  9. Ramona Ganssloser (G3) „Virtual Ability“ 9min
  10. Starlynn Jacobs (G2) - No title - (Religion on and offline)
  11. Lorenz Hoffmann (G3) „Wir pokern“