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March 2 | Guest Lecture by Prof. Saifur Rashid, University of Dhaka



News from Mar 01, 2017

TOMORROW: Join us at the guest lecture by Prof. Saifur Rashid from the Department of Anthropology, University of Dhaka. Prof. Rashid is currently developing South-Asia's first program for visual and media anthropology (with funding from the World Trade Organization) and is eager to establish contact with our program and its students. We will discuss the internationalization of Visual Anthropology beyond Western academia and ways of future collaboration between our programs.

Thursday, March 2nd from 4-6 pm in the Seminar Room of the Institute of Social and Cultural Anthropology, Landoltweg 9-11 on the Dahlem campus of the Freie Universität Berlin. More information on the lecture below:

Practicing Visual and Media Anthropology in Bangladesh: Concerns and Challenges

Professor Saifur Rashid

Department of Anthropology, University of Dhaka

What does the Visual Anthropology Study? What is the historical juncture of dealing with visuals in anthropology? How one can locate the visual practices in the development of this discipline? What are the conceptions, misconceptions, points of glorification and apprehensions in anthropology to deal with visual? All these questions around the study of human society and culture are considered as the basics for anthropologists across the globe. A close examination of the contemporary visual practices in Bangladesh in general and the public visibility of anthropology in particular suggest a priority of creating a new space for visual anthropology as ‘anthropology beyond the text’. The paper seeks for a comprehensive trajectory that unearths the charms and challenges of the history and practice of visual and media anthropology. While discussing the concepts and the contextual outlines of this sub-discipline, there would be a specific focus on the questions and challenges for practicing visual anthropology in Bangladesh. Under the major query of “what are the forthcoming challenges the development of visual anthropology will face in Bangladesh” a number of thematic questions would be addressed, while the challenges would be discussed from within and beyond the subject matter of anthropology. The paper would elaborate the following challenges in the context of scholarly engagement of anthropology with visuals in Bangladesh:

Ø  Challenges from within: within anthropology

Ø  Challenges and innovation at the edge: with other disciplines

Ø  Challenges of external engagement (collaboration): beyond academia for applied projects in collaboration with public sectors, NGO’s and businesses

Ø  Challenges for contribution to ‘public anthropology’: oversee the role of visual anthropology in producing public electronic media, public art, public newspaper, public films and so on

Ø  Challenges for developing ‘indigenous media (reflexive)’, ‘collaborative media’ ‘alternative media’ or ‘third media’

Ø  Challenges for critical engagement of anthropology/ visual anthropology: with broader social and political issues through analysis of ‘public media texts’, or by producing ‘public visual documents’ (film, documentaries, arts, posters, cartoons, blogs, etc.)

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