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M.A. Yulia Mahr



Working out of LAB156 in Berlin, Yulia is a lens-based artist and curator who is drawn equally to a personal artistic vision and a wider curatorial practice. Her own work - in photography and film - explores impermanence and memory both through original experimental pieces and the re-photographing and manipulation of found photographs and films from her personal archives. With her original photographs resembling photo-paintings, and her re-photographing projects concentrating on in-camera manipulation, Yulia's work inhabits the nebulous border zones between various art forms, drawing as much on literature and painting, as on photographic and filmmaking practice, to produce evocative storytelling pieces that seek to transcend their medium. As a curator Yulia is drawn to the 'outsiders' view. To this end she is the Founder and Creative Director of RE:, exhibiting film, photography and the documentary arts positioned at the periphery of or beyond the traditional mainstream. RE actively promotes work merging visual anthropology with art, experimental and vernacular media work, and indigenous and non-European photography and cinema, as well as the reappraisal of long forgotten filmmakers and photographers who worked against the grain.

Yulia regularly lectures on her work and the artists and movements she exhibits. For the MA Visual Anthropology program she principally lectures on Ethno-Fiction and Indigenous Media. Yulia's other research and teaching interests include experimental ethnographies and new narrative forms, documentary and experimental film and photography theory, history and practice, autoethnography, Direct Cinema, Cuban film, and photobooks.