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Dipl. Kani Tuyala

PhD Candidate

Born in Kinshasa/DRC, Kani Tuyala lived in Abidjan/Ivory Coast, grew up in Germany and studied Political Management at the University of Applied Sciences in Bremen/Germany.

He passed his obligatory semesters abroad at the University of Rennes 1/France and at KAS (Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung) Media Programme in Johannesburg/South Africa.

Kani Tuyala currently works as freelance journalist and Media Representative of Africa24 Media Ltd in Berlin. A24 Media is the first company in Africa to take online delivery of news, photographs, video footage and feature material from journalists, broadcasters and NGOs throughout Africa. The material is sold to broadcasters worldwide. A24 is the African Voice telling the African Story.

Besides Kani Tuyala works as “Africa Expert” for German News TV-Channel N24 and is currently writing a book about his life and experiences also as an African-German.

His main areas of interest are ICT4D, Internet and mobile technology / communication, Open Source Initiatives in Africa, new media and 'Good Governance', Documentary Film, African History, (Citizen-) Journalism, African (Self-) Representation in TV and Internet, International Relations, Development Cooperation and World Cup 2010 in South Africa.