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Information about PhD possibilities at the Institute of Social and Cultural Anthropology -  at Freie Universitaet Berlin:

We do not offer a special PhD Program in Visual and Media Anthropology at the moment. The Berlin graduate school Muslim Cultures and Societies accepts PhD candidates. Check the Homepage for application details 

PhD candidates can apply for individual PhD supervision in specific fields of research of the professors of the Institute for Social and Cultural Anthropology.

Prof. Undine Frömming supervises PhD projects in Visual and Media Anthropology, Cyberanthropology (virtual cultures), Climate Anthropology, Sustainability Research, Anthropology and Disaster (as well a combination of this subjects). Regional focus should be in South-East Asia (Indonesia, Thailand) or East-Africa (Tansania), in some cases as well Europe.


The supervison takes place via colloquium, skype and in our 3D-classroom in second life and in personal meetings.

Please send an exposé (5 pages) about your research idea to fromming@zedat.fu-berlin.de

Due to the high number of applications Prof. Frömming can only answer appropriate candidates.

The PhD commission will decide about acceptance of your proposal. If the proposal is accepted the candidate has to register as a PhD student at Freie Universitaet Berlin. The official imamtriculation fees is at the moment only approximately 280 Euro per Semester. This means about 560 Euro per year.