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Prof. Dr. Rossella Ragazzi



Associate Professor in Museum Studies and  Media Anthropology


Rossella Ragazzi (currently  Associate Professor at University of Tromsø Museum, department of Cultural Sciences) born in Rome in 1965. Her main fields of research are: media and anthropology, communication, performance, migration, childhood, minorities and transcultural cinema.

Former senior lecturer at Visual and Cultural Studies Dept. at the University of Tromsø, institute of Social Anthropology from 1998 to 2007 and anthropological film supervisor of MA and PhD students in Visual Anthropology.


Among her recent publications:

“Walking on Uneven Paths: the Transcultural Experience of Children entering Europe in the years 2000” Berne: Peter Lang, 2009


"Toward Pedagogical Awareness: Teaching Cine-ethnography" in: Visual Anthropology Review, Vol. 23.n. 1 June 2007. Berkeley, University California Press.

 ‘Memory, Resistance and Speaking the ‘Self’. Migrant Children’s  Accounts of a shifted place-time’, In: Postma, M. & P.I.  Crawford (eds.), 'Reflecting Visual Ethnography - using the camera in anthropological research', Leiden & Hoejbjerg: CNWS Press & Intervention Press.2006

Among her recent  documentaries and anthropological films

”La Mémoire Dure” DVD or Beta Sp, 82’     France, Mémoire du Coquillage: 2000

“At home in the World”         Digi DVD  63'     Norway,  University of Tromsø: 2003

”Walking on Uneven Paths”       Dvcam 6 hours  Ireland, D.I.T: 2005

“Firekeepers”               Digital Beta, 57 min.   Norway, Sonar Film: 2007


Member of the European Association of Social Anthropology: EASA.

Member of the Commission for Visual Anthropology, CVA.

Member of the Comité du Film Ethnographique, CFE, Musée de l’Homme.

Member of the Italian Association of Museal Anthropology, SIMBDEA.

Member of the Nordic Anthropological Film Association, NAFA.