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Dr. Nadine Wanono


Nadine Wanono trained as Visual Anthropologist  by Jean Rouch and Claudine de France gained her PHD in 1982. In 1985 she became Visiting Fellow of the National Film and Television School (UK) and realized her first documentaries.

Since 1988 as a researcher at the National Center for Scientific Research, her fieldwork conducted her in the Dogon Country (Mali, West Africa) where she focalizes her attention on the women’s role in the rituals and did several fims on this specific topic. In 2000, in collaboration with the French Committee of Ethnographic Film, she organized a Cross-cultural manifestation on the Dogon during which 60 films related to the Dogon have been screened. She is one of the members of  a french ethnographers team called «Centre d’Etudes des Mondes africains».

From 2001 until 2004 she was Visiting Associate Professor in the Anthropology and Art Department at UCSB where she starts a research on the possibilities to integrate new technologies in visual anthropology, which is tackling new epistemological, ethical, political, and economic issues, closely related to the new systems of production and distribution for data collection. Back to France, she started, in 2005, in collaboration with Francis Rousseaux, researcher at l’IRCAM, a seminar entitled: Singularities and Technologies.

She took part in numerous conferences, seminars, national and international meetings focusing on questions as the use of film as  an analytical tool. She set up an european Network on the «Ritual and its representation» through films, photos and articles and recently organized in collaboration with the Ethnographic Committee an international conference entitled “From Ethnographical Cinema to Audiovisual Anthropology”. She taught classes or workshops in various universities. She is currently reexamining the audio-visual material she recorded during the last thirty years on women activities in the Dogon country, in order to analyze and present the different postur of a visual anthropologist during her fieldwork.